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Lake Viņuela

Lake Viņuela
Lake Viņuela derives its name from the village of Viņuela and lays inland, just 40 minutes drive from Comares.
In the 1700's a "venta" (country inn) existed which were called La Vinuela describing the small vineyard from which the venta produced its home made wines. There had of course been settlements in the fertile areas where the three local rivers, Velez, Guaro and Seco converged.

The modern district of Vinuela is between Colmenar and the Axarquia mountains and has many interesting places to visit. The countryside is rich in beauty with rolling hills, mountain peaks and fertile areas where there were once thriving olive groves. The production of olives these days is a small part of the local economy because of the poor return from this type of crop.

Since the area was flooded to create the lake much of the agriculture has been replaced with 20th century "crops" such as tourism.
The valley and surrounding hills are a naturalist’s paradise. There are miles upon miles of wonderful footpaths and riverbeds to walk and the wild life plus the flora and fauna are plentiful.

Bird watchers will be in their element with opportunities to spot many varieties of bird long forgotten in Northern Europe.

The beautiful whitewashed villages of Periana and Comares are only a short drive away. Comares is about 25 minutes from the coast perched on a hill at a height of some 750 metres above sea level with views as far as the Mediterranean.

There are several bars and restaurants plus an enchanting hotel converted from an olive mill with courtyards overlooking the surrounding countryside and beyond. Wandering narrow streets you will come across local villagers selling local produce such as wine, almonds, raisins, olives, honey and cheese from the front room of their houses.

The village is steeped in history dating back to Muslim rebellions, which can be determined by examining the local architecture. There is an old Moorish fortress that is worth a visit - this was once a Roman outpost and some features remain to this day.


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