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Stroll along the beautiful promenade

Torre del Mar is a 3 minute drive from the huge shopping mall El Ingenio where you will discover the sun-drenched sandy beaches of Torre del Mar. Have a stroll along the beautiful promenade among the tropical gardens and palm trees, or why not have a bite to eat at one of the many chiringitos bars along the beach where you will see fresh fish cooked on a barbecue made out of a boat, try some sardines or a plate of Gambas (Prawns) cooked on the plancha (hot plate) don’t be surprised if you get a free tapas with your drink usually crab claws if you don’t fancy fish. Why not take a leisurely walk around some of the side streets where you will find many of the Bars/Cafés, or have a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants in Torre; many of which we recommend are listed in our welcome folder for you to browse through, on arrival at the villa!

Erroski Supermarket - El Ingenio Shopping Mall

There are many shops to look around in Torre and there is a fantastic souvenir shop selling ceramics, bottle stops, key rings, even ceramic plaques so you can make up your own house name or number. You will find wooden bowls & plates made out of olive wood, magnets, beautifully painted ceramic wall plates, local pottery, ceramic plates, bowls, ceramic butterfly’s, lizards the list goes on. You can also find local ceramic pottery at Torres Market which is held every Thursday the market closes at 2pm - it’s a large market so you may want to get there early to have a good look around. They sell fantastic Fruit & Veg at really good prices all fresh have a browse at the spice stalls, sweet stalls, lace, leather, shoes, bags, clothes, music, plants, pictures, jewellery. It's well worth a visit you won't be

disappointed apart from not being able to fit everything you have bought in those suit cases. Not to worry they sell them at the market too!

It's well worth visiting Torre del Mar for an evening or two while you’re here! The place comes alive of an evening and the Spanish don’t eat until late so don’t be surprised if you find yourself sitting in an empty restaurant at 7pm-8pm as they don’t get going until 9pm-10pm the Spanish love to eat out especially at the fish restaurants and Tapas bars they are always very lively its fascinating to sit and watch all the hustle and bustle as they eat with family and friends catching up on all the local gossip with the waiters going back and forth to each table with plates of freshly caught Squid, Mussels, Cod, Cray fish, Prawns the list goes on.

Skewers of sardines cooked on the beech

There is nothing nicer than having a stroll along the promenade after having a lovely evening meal with family or friends watching the sun go down along the shore and maybe dipping your feet in at the waters edge whilst listening to the Spanish ambiance you’ll love it The Shops in Torre open from 10am-2pm and then again in the evening 6pm-10pm there are local shops selling the usual buckets and spades and inflatable toys etc as well as souvenirs and others selling leather goods, shoes, bags, home & wear, clothes we have noticed a few Grocery shops are now open on a Sunday which are located up some of the side streets there is also an English book shop in Torre that sells English newspapers, postcards, books, stamps as well as a lot of other things and is English run  photo copying and faxing is also

Skewers of sardines cooked on the beech

available and just across the street is an internet café. Eastenders selling English food products is also located near here up a side street near the fish market.

A trip to Torre de Mar is a must and you’re sure to return for another visit.

How to get there
Map and directions will be provide with Welcome Pack on arrival