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Velez-Malaga, known locally just as Velez, is situated 1 kilometre inland from Torre del Mar and 26 kilometres to the east of Malaga, on the scenic Route of Sun and Avocado. It is the centre and capital of the district of Axarquia, with a population of 55,000. Despite it's proximity to the coast it has not developed a tourist industry.

The town lies in the wide valley of the River Vélez from where its main resources are found. These are agricultural products of vines, olives, sugar cane and vegetable and salad crops. Good quality olive oils and wine are produced here. There are also many garden nurseries growing and selling a wide range of plants, trees and seeds.



Fortaleza - built in the 13th century, the castle stands on top of a hill in the centre of Arrabal de San Sebastián, the oldest district of the town.


The 16 metre high tower, built to guard the town, still stands in good repair as a symbol of the Moorish civilisation of Velez-Malaga.


Palace of the Marquises of Beniel (Palacio de los Marqueses de Beniel) - in the attractive old area of San Sebastián, now a municipal building, is in Mudejar style with a magnificent vaulted ceiling above the stairwell. Hospital of San Marcos - founded in 1487 by Catholic Monarchs. Four convents and monasteries of artistic merit - these being San Francisco, Santa Clara, Sant José and Las Carmelitas. Church of Santa María la Mayor (Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor) - 16th century in Mudejar style. Triple nave and stunning ceiling. Church of San Juan Bautista - 15th century in Mudejar style with a valuable Baroque retable by Berruguete.

Vélez Málaga and Torre del Mar link
The first two tram cars that will link Vélez Málaga with Torre del Mar will arrive in the municipality throughout the month of November, and are expected to be operative at the end of the year or the beginning of 2006.
The tram line, which will go from the Jurado Lorca de Vélez Park to the Church of San Andrés in Torre del Mar, a distance of 4.6 kilometres, is costing 18 million euros to build, and is being financed entirely by European Union funds. It is being built by the ACS/Vías companies, and will be managed by GIASA public company, belonging to the Delegation of Public Works in the Junta de Andalucía.


The Velez Malaga - Torre del Mar Tram Service


The CAF tram is an autonomous, two-directional, two-car system, articulated in five modules with a 100 by 100 lower floor, more than 31 metres long, 2.6 metres wide and 3.3 metres high, capable of a maximum operational speed of 70 kilometres an hour.

One area of the cars has been modified for use by the disabled, in such a way that they can use each of the four entrances easily. Total capacity, counting four passengers for each square metre of space available, will be for 54 seated passengers, with space for another 148 standing passengers. The basic price of a ticket on the CAF will be 1.42 euros, although the final ticket price will be about a euro, given the availability of bonuses. The ticket for public urban transport for Vélez-Málaga passengers, which includes urban bus travel as well as


City Council Offices

  the tram, will cost an average of 75 centimes for each trip. There will be a total of four bonuses available, including a monthly bonus, a bonus for pensioners and a bonus for young people.
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